Shuffle! - 16: Kikyou

Episode:16: Kikyou
Nerine tells Sia how Lycoris is gone and what that means for Nerine's own feelings. Everyone is celebrating Asa's recovery, and Asa invites Rin-kun to help her shopping for the cooking club tomorrow. While Nerine begins to open up and make new friends, Sia is wondering what she should do next as to not lose any more ground in terms of Rin-kun.
[2007-09-18, Devil Doll:]
As expected, that mirror tells us Sia's secret. Whatever she'll try next time will be a dangerous game that may backfire horribly if Rin-kun is the usual nice guy.
What I like about this series is how it credibly keeps the balance in this harem scenario, unlike Ichigo 100% TV for example. So this is the second round now: Asa got a surprisingly good start, Kaede still doesn't consider herself a contender, Nerine has taken a different path now (developing her character to become more confident, probably like Asa). Sia is the only one to suffer from last minute panic and this feeling allows her Alter Ego to get control over her. Looks like the competition will finally get a lot more serious now! Up to this moment all the girls were way too nice to each other. ;-)

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