Shuffle! - 15: Things Regained

Episode:15: Things Regained
Rin-kun, Kaede, Nerine and Sia visit the research laboratory where Primula is kept and try to help her her before the scientists have to use the only remaining treatment for this poor girl. And then, Primula's powers get out of control...
[2007-09-18, Devil Doll:]
Um. Well, this episode would have impressed me more had I not seen a very similar story before in the climax episode of (WARNING! HUGE SPOILER!) another series.
Too bad that Asa has now officially limited herself to "Onee-san" status. But Nerine confirmed my theory about the first meeting with Rin-kun - and to see this super-shy girl in fact being the first one to kiss the boy was quite a surprise!
And if I got Rin-kun's words correctly then we now know what Kaede blamed him for in that nightmare he had early in this series... this is something that will make things a lot more difficult for Kaede: Does she feel guilty for this, and therefore work so much for Rin-kun?
Still, this episode is a kind of reset for all girls to their previous position: Both princesses have understood they need to care more for Rin-kun's feelings, and Asa as well as Kaede should know by now how important they are for the boy as well, so everyone is back at the starting line again. I still don't see Primula as a major player in the game: Just like Asa who's the onee-san, Primula is the imouto, and Kaede is the twin sister of Rin-kun somehow. All three have to overcome their respective "sister status" if they want to compete with the princesses.
With Nerine confessing so much to Rin-kun this time, the next one should be Sia... after all there's that unresolved issue with her mirror which I'm quite curious about.

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