Shuffle! - 13: The House of the Setting Sun

Episode:13: The House of the Setting Sun
When Rin-kun and Kaede learn about Primula's condition they both suffer silently and keep away from both princesses, much to the surprise of their other friends. Time for a great performance of Asa with her miraculous "onee-san skills"!
[2007-09-17, Devil Doll:]
Wow! Within one episode the comedy level went down from med/high to nonexistent. That's my kind of show, yeah!
As for the competition, the deck of cards has been re-shuffled completely. Both Nerine and Sia have lost ground not only for hiding the truth from Rin-kun but even more for not understanding his condition. Kaede feels the same way as Rin-kun, and the boy may well understand in time what's so precious about Kaede.
To watch Asa-senpai save the day once again was the highlight for me this time. I guess I have found my favourite character of this series already. It was wonderful how she tore strips off both Sia and Nerine... I wonder if she's aware that her ability of giving advice to Rin-kun puts herself into a unique position amongst his harem, as this is something not even Kaede can do.

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