Shuffle! - 12: The Frozen Summer

Episode:12: The Frozen Summer
Rin-kun, Sia and Nerine are busy doing their summer homework. Rin-kun has to draw a picture of a river, and Asa visits him there to tease him once again, investigating the current state of his decision process. But suddenly Primula falls ill, emitting enormous amounts of cold, and Rin-kun has to ask the fathers of Sia & Nerine what to do.
[2007-09-17, Devil Doll]
No more blatant fan-service, finally the storyline kicks in! So Primula is "very special"? Blah. Ayanami Rei, anyone? (Shy, not communicative, bluegrey-haired, artifical life form, has enormous powers that the scientists want to control, ...)
Of course this incident happens at a very suitable point in this story as it allows Rin-kun to focus on something other than his potential bride.

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