Shuffle! - 10: Confessions on a moonlit night.

Episode:10: Confessions on a moonlit night.
Sia is having a dream about Episode 9. She and Rin are about to kiss (like in the episode) then everyone catches them, then they get married. Of course Sia wakes up and goes, ooo I wish (BTW There is a Fanservice scene for Sia here). Her father hears her muttering in her sleep and goes, ooo looks like they are going to get together.

Sia's father and Primula go around town checking out prices for wedding gear. He's not too quiet about it and now the whole town thinks Sia and Rin are getting married. They end their trip in a restaurant and they talk about it again. Unfortunately Asa-Senpai, Kaede and Nerine's father are nearby.

Cut to Nerine who appears to be crying.

Cut to Kaede who is very distracted and can't seem to do any work properly. (Another Fanservice scene).

Sia and Rin are out on a date and Rin is wondering why everyone keeps thinking that they are getting married. Mayumi catches them and demands why he didn't tell them that they are getting married. Rin says 'It isn't true we are too young' and now even Sia is convinced that they are getting married. (Strange scene where she says she is #1 and Nerine is #2 and Kaede will be #3. Some kind of Polgamy there?)

Rin see's Nerine sad and goes over to her. They walk around. She points out the old spot they first met at and there she confesses to Rin. Sia was walking by when she hears this.

Sia goes home confused and her father comes home and he presents her with a wedding dress, she realizes who has been spreading the rumor and proceeds to beat him. (In a funny moment they pull a Dokoru-Chan and censor out the violence). Sia then goes over to Rin's and at their school she confesses to him too but adds that she feels that she'll have to be accepted as worthy bride for Rin-kun by all people who love him (including Nerine and Kaede!), and she will wait while she loves Rin more and more.
Wow low comedy episode. Very nice and now Rin knows that Sia and Nerine love him. Nerine's father also isn't very happy either. I wonder what's the REAL reason Rin has to marry one of them.
[2007-09-17, Devil Doll:]
Definitively the best episode so far.
Nerine remains in character, silently suffering instead of crying in public or giving up. Finally her father (definitely the more interesting one of both fathers!) manages to create a chance for her to talk to Rin-kun, and she makes the best use of it by not declaring it a date, not planning anything, simply visiting the memorable place for these two and confessing in a very convincing way. (Kudos to Rin-kun that he notices how little chance he gave Nerine up to now.) If Nerine weren't so awfully shy and insecure! She's the polar opposite of Sia: Much better at school (by the way, what has become of Sia's additional lessons during the holidays?) but not gifted in terms of household chores, and demure where Sia (and Asa) are quite direct. Given the targeted audience of this show, can such a girl possibly win?
The most interesting character in this episode of course is Sia (whom I now accept as a worthy bride for Rin-kun). I did wonder about that mirror of hers before - it showed Sia's red hairs as purple one episode ago, and it now shows a potentially different character that Sia might become if things played out in a certain way. Note how afraid Sia is of this potential change, and how she grows because of this frightening experience: She's not willing to simply steal away Rin-kun from those who love him as much as she does.
Rin-kun's hesitation should be good news for both Kaede and Asa. Both get very nervous when they learn about the "marriage announcement", and both will be relieved to learn that the game isn't over yet. But Nerine has conquered a solid second place by now, and Sia has increased her lead relatively to the "crowd". Kaede will have to accept her own feelings sooner or later. (By the way, what about Rin-kun's nightmare where Kaede declared she won't forgive the boy? I'd like to learn more about this topic real soon.) I wonder how much both princesses know about Kaede's feelings at this point. Normally, Kaede would be the best possible ally for each of them, knowing so much about what Rin-kun likes and what life he wants to lead. Shouldn't they try to befriend Kaede (and Asa) and get as much information from her as possible (at least if Sia and Nerine would consider the whole thing a rivalry)? I wonder how long and how intimate Nerine and Sia know each other, they're playing this game in an extraordinarily fair manner so far (and Sia still accuses herself of being selfish!).

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