Kikou Ryohei Mellowlink (OVA) - 4: Leaning Tower

Title:Kikou Ryohei Mellowlink (OVA)
Episode:4: Leaning Tower
While riding his motorcycle across a wasteland, Mellowlink comes under fire and is obliged to take cover within the only prominent landmark nearby--a crashed spaceship, the nose of which has buried itself into the earth, leaving the remainder towering above the desert. Inside, however, he begins to suspect that leading him to the ship was the enemy's intention all along, as a mysterious opponent toys with him, and he nearly falls into an array of carefully prepared traps. What's more, inside he runs into an old acquaintance, who likewise feels that he has been led here so that an old enemy could enjoy taking revenge...
A curious episode, without much dialogue as the characters mainly prowl around inside the darkness of the wrecked ship by themselves. I like the new approach, since I'd been afraid the episodes might be too repetitive. Apparently, Mellowlink's Anti-AT Rifle has a sort of cartridge operated bayonet meant to punch holes through the armor of ATs and deal with the pilots inside. Sort of like the punching mechanism in the arms of the Votoms.

By the way, "downsizing" images in order to include them here has the curious effect of making then seem much more sharply focused than they really are on the fansubs.

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