Kikou Ryohei Mellowlink (OVA) - 10: Castle

Title:Kikou Ryohei Mellowlink (OVA)
Episode:10: Castle
Mellowlink is certain that Major* Boil will come back to the Helumesion estate, looking for a duel with him. As he sizes up the solidly built mansion, he asks Lulucy "Can I have this castle?". Meanwhile, Boil tells General Helumesion that although "I don't have any will to contribute to the PS Plan" (which the general says is required to renew the war with Balarant), "I am going there to fight for myself. That is all". Even though Mellowlink describes Boil as not just a pro AT rider, but a "pro among pros", Lulucy appears back at the castle with her duck hunting shotgun, and insists that she be allowed to fight alongside Mellowlink. He cannot allow that, and must take some extraordinary measures to restrain her. When Boil arrives alone Mellowlink asks him to guarantee Lulucy's safety no matter what happens, and the Major agrees. Having gotten that one condition out of the way, the duel begins...
So, the "PS Plan of Commander Batten Taiin" was more than just a get rich quick scheme among corrupt officers, but has much more nefarious and disturbing implications. Boil clearly knows about it, but doesn't seem to be an active participant. Anyway, another neat episode with a good deal of style, though the not altogether perfect quality of the fansub I was watching made it difficult to tell exactly what was happening as Mellowlink and Boil fought in the dark chambers of the Helumesion Castle. One things for sure--they drink some pretty volatile liquor in Melkea!

*Yes, he's a Major now. My first impression (possibly mistaken) was that he was a Sergeant, in the last episode he was definitely a Lieutenant, now he's a Major--either somebody had trouble translating Japanese ranks, or promotions come swiftly in the Melkean Military!

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