Kodomo no Omocha - 99: Karate Club Is A Good Place--Come For A Bit, Come To See!

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:99: Karate Club Is A Good Place--Come For A Bit, Come To See!
In science class, Tsuyoshi and Aya are surprised to learn that Hayama doesn't watch the revived Child's Toy TV show. Sengoku-sensei yells at Hayama for not paying attention, and tells him to report to the teacher's room during lunch. Sengoku has heard a rumor about Hayama supposedly "using violence" upon a high school student--unheard of! He points out to his fellow teachers that Hayama has been studying Karate, and implies that he uses it to bully others. Sana and friends are listening from the door, and she finally bursts in to defend Hayama. She points out that Sengoku is acting upon nothing more than a rumor, and Hayama is let off with a warning. Afterwards he shrugs the incident off, since teachers are only human anyway. Sana is impressed by this new attitude of his, which seems indicative of his having "grown up". She mentions how some people always seem to hate her just because she's a celebrity, and offers to help him deal with such problems. Fuka, watching from a window, observes that Sana really knows how to handle Akito, who is lucky to have such a partner. Later, she asks Sana to come to the final 7th grade Gymnastics District Competition, which gives Sana an idea--why not form a Karate Club, to let people know how "cool, amusing and dandy" Karate is, and best of all, give it a sort of legitimacy that will keep Sengoku-sensei from demanding that Hayama give it up?
If anyone is actually reading these KnO synopses, the question will come up "what happened to the last four episodes"? Well, on the set of VCR tapes I've been watching, somebody recorded episodes 91-94 twice, and ommitted 95 through 98. I feared this missing block of episodes might spoil my understanding of what was going on, and ruin the ending. I was tempted to give up until one of the new DVDs which covered the missing episodes became available for rent, but I decided that by that time my pathetic memory would have done more damage than skipping four episodes could do, and decided to procede. Fortunately, nothing radical seems to have changed, though at one point Sana mentions to Karate Club member Ishida that she has broken up with Naozumi--I wish I knew why. At the opening of this episode there are scenes of an angry Hayama grabbing somebody by his tie (probably the basis for the rumor Sengoku heard) and Fuka slapping some guy (maybe her ex-boyfriend from long ago?).

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