Kodomo no Omocha - 94: Child's Toy Rises From The Dead

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:94: Child's Toy Rises From The Dead
Sana has recieved yet another voice mail card containing a plea for help, but she thinks she recognizes the voice--Zenjirou! Having seen her highly successful math video, Sana's friends assume she will be spending a lot of time at work again and won't show up for school often, but she promises she'll make a point of missing as few days as possible. Rei has been trying to find work for Sana, but hasn't had much luck. Sana doesn't blame him, and insists that in order to repay her fans for their support, they must not give up. A group of obnoxious women nearly trample them while entering a soundstage where a show called "Old Ladies' Toy" is being filmed. The show's host is none other than Zenjirou, who is continually harrassed and humiliated by the women. During a break he tells his manager he wants to quit, and Sana urges him to join her in search of a new job. Still no luck, however. Zenjirou's manager tells him Old Ladies' Toy has been cancelled--but not because he left, rather because women found him "uninteresting" and "not handsome". Zenjirou goes hysterical and kicks a bucket of mop water down a hallway...
I was glad to see Zenjirou hadn't been forgotten. Another problem seems to have been overcome overnight, so where will the story go from here? There are only eight episodes to go (but I read that the KnO manga didn't wrap up until 2003, so this seres can't have the same ending, can it?). What about the one overriding issue--the romance between Sana and Hayama?

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