Kodomo no Omocha - 92: Not A Simple Math Video

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:92: Not A Simple Math Video
Sana has discovered her unofficial fan club ("FC"), led by a boy named Chidose. The members are troubled by her being banned from show business, and want to be reassured that she is in fact just taking a break. Back home, Sana is shocked to find Mizoguchi, the scriptwriter who helped get her banned, waiting for her. He explains that afterwards Naozumi told him why she couldn't bear to read the line from his script, and he now has an unusual job offer for her. He would like her to play a math teacher in a series of instructional videos. Despite some misgivings--she actually sucks at math--Sana agrees. At school, Sana is highly enthusiastic on the first day of the new semester, and Fuka wonders if Hayama might have confessed his feelings to her. After school Sana races to her first day at her new job. But the studio is a dump, and the crew consists of Director Karesusukibara, a cameraman, and an AD. They operate on a shoestring budget, and need Sana to play both the teacher and student. Sana sends a sound-mail card to her new fan club, inviting Chidose and the members to visit the studio. But they are appalled by both the working conditions and Sana's ignorance of basic mathematics. Chidose is so shocked that he wanders off, while his fellow members urge Sana to stop wasting her talent and do something more classy, since they doubt she really can teach math. Sana has doubts, too; if she can't understand the math she's teaching, will anybody who watches the videos be able to either?
We're at the start of a new arc, so it's hard to say where things are going to go from here; suffice to say having "fans" may not always be a good thing. Sana's song "My Math Life" was good. I hear KnO is finally available on R1 DVDs in America. I read a highly interesting review at "AnimeJump!" which pointed out a number of things about the show which I had never noticed--like blatant product advertising going on within it, for stuff like the pink camera used to take the "This Week's Sana" pictures. But the original OP song, "Seven O'clock News" has been stripped from the show!

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