Kodomo no Omocha - 91: Fan Comes To Visit First Thing In The New Year

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:91: Fan Comes To Visit First Thing In The New Year
Sana, Misako and Rei visit a shrine and make New Year's wishes. Misako insists these must be "realistic" in order to come true, but neither her wish nor Rei's exactly fall into that category. Sana says she has no need to make a wish--"I'm satisfied with how things are right now". In a sense, Rei's wish comes true when Asako calls--she was supposed to be on vacation, and he hadn't heard from her in awhile. She has decided that she needs to go to London to further study acting, and asks him to come with her. After admitting that he had feared she had left him, he agrees. Akito and his father stop by the Kurata household for a New Year's visit. Mr. Hayama says he knows about how Akito was indirectly involved in Sana getting banned from show business. Sana denies it, and thanks god she didn't confess her love for him on Christmas Eve, or else she'd be too embarassed to face him now. Afterwards, Sana gets a voice-mail card, plays it, and is startled to hear someone begging for her help. Along with Rei, she sets out in search of the vague return address, getting clues from background noises she heard, and the cryptic inscription "FC"...
The episode ends with Sana being offered a curious acting job--it sounds like it will be hilarious.

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