Kodomo no Omocha - 90: 90A: Mecha Hayama Is Hayama's Mama! and 90B: Spell On The Toilet Seat

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:90: 90A: Mecha Hayama Is Hayama's Mama! and 90B: Spell On The Toilet Seat
Amid a thunderstorm, Hayama hears strange noises and wonders what his father is up to. The next day Mr. Hayama (who mentions that he used to be a mad scientist) presents Akito with a large box, wrapped as a gift. It's "Mecha Mama", a substitute mother for Akito and Natsumi. But things start to go wrong because Mr. Hayama neglected to include a certain part (it cost too much). "Pretty Magical Girl" (guess who) is summoned to deal with the crisis...

On New Year's Eve, Sana finds herself transformed into a skunk! Her friends and family have all been likewise transformed into bizarre animals or objects. Fuka has heard that this might all be the result of spells cast by a magician-prince. Indeed, Prince Naozumi is venting his frustrations after being likewise converted by a witch. As unhappy as Sana and her friends may be, at least none of them have been made into the same thing as Naozumi...
A third "nonsense episode" in which the ongoing plot is largely set aside and the scriptwriters indulge in unrestrained wackiness. I wonder if this was a faithful adaptation of ideas that originated with Obana Miho, or if the anime crew took some liberties? Don't miss "The first skunk and toilet seat love scene!"

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