Kodomo no Omocha - 9: Double, Double, Sana's Love Trouble

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:9: Double, Double, Sana's Love Trouble
Sana is shocked and furious that Hayama has "stolen" her first kiss. Afterwards, she worries that Rei is mad at her for allowing this to happen, and avoids him. Rei, on the other hand, fears that Sana is mad at him over the business with Asako. He goes to the school and asks Tsuyoshi and others exactly what happened during the field trip. He reports back to Mrs. Kurata, who orders him to bring Hayama to her. This is done--but what Mrs. Kurata has to say to Hayama isn't exactly what Rei was expecting! Sana feels fine again once Rei assures her he isn't angry. Then, while returning from school one day, she notices Asako leaving the household, and she freaks...
I first watched KnO around a year ago, and I'd forgotten just how good this show is! When it comes to real-world, slice-of-life comedy/drama this show ranks with Maison Ikkoku as the best I know of.

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