Kodomo no Omocha - 87: Fight For It Or Break Up? What Should We Do?

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:87: Fight For It Or Break Up? What Should We Do?
"Let's break up" temporarily blinded Fuka tells Hayama after he climbs into her hospital room via the window. He asks her if she's just angry at him, but she says she's serious. He tells her to get well soon, and says he'll come again. Having fired Sana, the director and scriptwriter of her TV show hold a press conference and declare that not just they, but the entertainment industry of Japan as a whole will not offer her employment anymore. Rei fears her career (and his) may be over. Misako explains why Sana couldn't bring herself to read the line in question from her script. Though Rei says interviews might not be a good idea just now, Sana insists on going to a prearranged one since she feels she hasn't done anything wrong. Hayama pays Fuka another visit at the hospital. despite what she said earlier, Fuka realizes she had been looking forward to it. On the other hand, Hayama cannot bring himself to tell her that he has been suspended from school for ten days. At Sana's interview, Rei asks that the subject of her dismissal not be brought up, and he's assured it won't be. However, in a roundabout manner the interviewer tries to get her to admit that she is stubborn, or even that she thinks that there's nothing wrong with being "arrogant". Rei gets into an argument with the woman and Sana insists they leave. Hayama picks up a hamburger for Fuka, who had complained about hospital food. He sees a magazine cover story about Sana's "resignation". Earlier, a nurse saw Hayama leave via the window, and told Fuka's mother about the incident. Fuka insists her parents have misjudged Hayama, but admits she should probably not see him anymore, and promises to tell him when he returns...

Compared to another show I've been watching lately, I'm continually surprised at how skillfully and plausibly new plot twists are entered into the storyline of KnO. Also, the "White Dolphin" (Babbit's new rival) is all over the place in this episode!

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