Kodomo no Omocha - 86: All Is Clear When You Cannot See

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:86: All Is Clear When You Cannot See
Hayama gets into a fight with two jerks in an arcade, and Fuka's eyes are accidentally injured. At the hospital her parents arrive and glare at Hayama, who they presume is responsible. Tsuyoshi calls Sana and tells her what has happened. Sana races to the hospital, where Hayama tells her Fuka is undergoing surgery which should correct her injury. He blames himself for failing to protect her, though Sana insists he has nothing to be ashamed of. Fuka's father orders him to stay away from her. Later, Sana visits the temporarily blinded Fuka, and wonders why her parents are so polite and friendly to her, yet were angry and hostile towards Hayama. Fuka asks why Hayama always seems to wind up getting blamed for problems. "He acts stubborn and insensitive" Sana says, "so people get him wrong". After Sana has left, the thought occurs to Fuka that Hayama is still secretly in love with her. "I don't want it that way! What should I do?" As they drive home, Sana wonders how Hayama is doing. She is reminded by Rei that it is almost time to film the scene she has been dreading from her TV series--visiting an injured friend was a welcome break in comparison. The line "You're a devil. A devil forever till the time of your death" brings back painful memories of Hayama's problems back in elementary school. She proposes slightly altered variations on the line to omit the word "devil", but the increasingly impatient director and scriptwriter insist she use the original version. On stage, she breaks down in tears, unable to read the line. "If I say 'devil', I'll say it for the rest of my life" Sana tells herself. "Then what would Hayama think of me?". Naozumi hears the angry director and scriptwriter criticising Sana, who they feel considers herself too important since her success in New York. He wants to go help her, but Riho says that would mean returning himself to "the shadow underneath Sana-chan's brilliance". Rei assures the director he'll have Sana back and ready to work in an hour. Meanwhile, Hayama is called before his school's head counselor and Sengoku-sensei, and Fuka makes an important decision regarding herself and Hayama...
It's kind of difficult for me to understand why Sana is so disturbed by the "devil" line she's supposed to speak. Perhaps having seen how painful being branded with that word was for a friend, she's reluctant to speak it on a show that will be watched by millions. I'm guessing what she meant by "If I say 'devil', I'll say it for the rest of my life" was that the TV show will likely be rerun countless times 'til who knows when, and thousands of people might get the message that it's okay to insult "bad" people like that. Or maybe she's just afraid Hayama himself will take it personally ("what would Hayama think of me?"). What makes more sense is the way Sana ends up feeling as a result of her conflict with the director and scriptwriter. Sana must still have deep-seated feelings for Hayama, and Fuka reaches a surprising conclusion regarding him, too. This show does a great job of ending episodes on cliffhangers which leave you wanting more.

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