Kodomo no Omocha - 84: The Manager Danger

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:84: The Manager Danger
Hayama had been worrying about how Sana would react to seeing the picture of himself and Fuka in Teen Net magazine, but her response is "Hayama, I'm happy for you. You two are perfect for each other". About her "relationship" with Naozumi, he says that "What happened in New York would be too much trouble to explain to the media". After the welcome home party, Tsuyoshi comments on how well things seem to have worked out for everyone; Sana and Naozumi, Hayama and Fuka, and himself and Aya all seem ideal couples. Something is clearly troubling Hayama, though. As he walks Fuka home, he suggests they use the amusement park tickets they won as the "best couple" on Saturday. At school, Sengoku-sensei overhears Tsuyoshi congradulating Hayama and Fuka on their upcoming "first one-on-one date", and calls her parents. At work Naozumi meets his long-time manager Maeda, who has gained some weight but made it back to Japan on his own. Maeda explains that the talent agency has reassigned him and he will no longer be Naozumi's manager; his new client is a cute blond girl, Chris-chan. Maeda and Chris leave, and a strange, clumsy, hyperactive woman introduces herself to Naozumi as Ozaki Riho, his new manager and long-time fan. They meet Sana, who comments that Riho seems more like a "crazy fan"--but at least she likes to dance impromptu just like Sana, who takes a liking to her. Fuka is preparing lunches to take to the amusement park, but tells her mother she's going out with Tsuyoshi and Aya--but mother already knows she is in fact going on a date with that "problem child" Hayama...
I was a bit surprised to see problems with Naozumi's manager be introduced as a significant plot thread, but it is being handled well. There's a bit at the end of the episode in which Riho reveals an attitude which is certain to cause trouble in the future--I just hope Naozumi's response to it is plausible (this is KnO after all, not some ordinary show, so it shouldn't be a problem). What was the deal with "the white dolphin"?

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