Kodomo no Omocha - 83: Perhaps They Are All Best Couples

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:83: Perhaps They Are All Best Couples
Upon their return to Japan, reporters are astonished when Sana and Naozumi seem to freely admit that they are going out after all. Fuka reminds her friends of the trouble that resulted when they believed rumors about Sana's love life last time, and says they'd better get Sana herself to confirm what she said. The photo of Hayama and Fuka was not only published in Teen Net magazine, they were given the "Best Couple Award" and an entire page to themselves. Sengoku-sensei is outraged, and calls Fuka's mother to school where he warns her that Hayama is a "problem child". After going shopping with an unenthusiastic Hayama, Fuka returns home late and finds her parents want to have a talk with her about her relationship with him. She denies that Sengoku cares about her, and says he just hates Hayama. She calls Hayama and meets him late at night to talk--it cheers her up. Pictures of Sana and Naozumi are being printed in magazines all over Japan. Since she's so busy and hasn't come to see them, Fuka proposes they go see her--and throw a welcome home party. Tsuyoshi calls Rei and makes the arrangements. Hayama karate chops Tsuyoshi when he tries to introduce him to some girls who are admiring his picture in the magazine. "It's so embarassing" Hayama says. He sees a giant poster of Sana and asks "What will you say when you see the photo?"...
And here we go again--Grade A teen romance that's funny, plausible and touching as well.

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