Kodomo no Omocha - 82: We Got Along Great Afterwards

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:82: We Got Along Great Afterwards
As the episode title implies, Sana's schoolmates aren't particularly troubled by her departure to New York. Tsuyoshi observes that "That wild horse Akito-kun has become a normal junior high school Student"--he attributes Hayama's changed attitude to Fuka's influence. Fuka tips Hayama off that there's going to be a surprise quiz at school, and loans him her notes, which results in him getting an unusually high score. The teacher, Sengoku-sensei, is suspicious, and warns him to stop walking around school with his girlfriend because it's "disturbing the other students". A fortuitous ring of the bell which signals an end to the class prevents a fight between them. The others urge Hayama not to act like he used to, but he makes a point of walking with his arm on Fuka's shoulder to annoy Sengoku. After a go-cart racing date, a reporter from "Teen Net" magazine asks to be allowed to photograph Hayama and Fuka together. Hayama has no objections, and Fuka comments on his "refreshing attitude", whereas he used to repeatedly put her down. "Even if I argue with you" he replies, "you'll always end up winning". At the very end of the episode, Sana and Naozumi finally arrive at the airport, to be greeted by a crowd of reporters...
Man, KnO definitely took it's time returning main character Sana to Japan--first a nonsensical filler episode, then a refresher episode, and now one that deals almost entirely with what happened while she was away. I was surprised at the teacher's name, because the only other Sengoku I know from anime is a, shall we say, somewhat unsavory character (Cyber City Oedo). One other bizarre note--one of the messages from "Babbit's Counting Song" was "Adultery is always wrong"? Anyway, a complex and well thought-out plotline is clearly coming together for the next arc of KnO.

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