Kodomo no Omocha - 79: A Father Who Is Unable To Be A Father

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:79: A Father Who Is Unable To Be A Father
After the successful premiere of Endless Summer, everyone is shocked to hear Gary Hamilton announce on TV that Naozumi is indeed his son, and in the future he intends "to keep him by my side and help him become a first-class actor". The apartment building is immediately surrounded by reporters. Naozumi remains calm and wonders what Sicil might have said to Gary regarding this announcement. The next day, Naozumi, Sana and Rei attempt to slip out of the building in disguise, but are recognized. Brad rescues them, because Sicil needs to talk with Naozumi. They meet in a park, and Sicil says yes, she was the one who urged Gary to make the announcement. She says she was deeply moved by Naozumi's performance at the premiere, and would like to have him as a permanent brother. At the theater Gary reaffirms to Naozumi what he said on TV, and adds "I hope you won't let me down". Even Michelle admits he has "limitless potential", and says she would be pleased to be able to guide and teach him in the future. Sana observes that Naozumi still seems worried about something, but thinks he should take the opportunity and remain in America. After the final performance a party is held at the Hamilton estate. Naozumi is lauded as the upcoming "Prince of Broadway", and is asked to comment on the grand plans Gary has for him. He responds by asking Gary a question...
As usual, a brilliant wrapup to the New York arc. Brad, the American Hayama lookalike, didn't play as large a part as I had expected. Sana and him never got anywhere near romantically involved, and no major issues of his got resolved, except that Sicil, who he likes and protects, is better off now. Now it's back to the real Hayama and Fuko too!

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