Kodomo no Omocha - 78: The First And Last Mother-Son Battle

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:78: The First And Last Mother-Son Battle
Yuko is devastated when the cast of the show she was to star in quits en masse. Rick insists he loves her and suggests they move to the country and live a quiet life, but she refuses. He goes to Naozumi to ask him to help his mother, saying that he's the only one who can. But Naozumi ignores Rick's request and says he'll stay at the theater tonight, since tommorrow is the premiere of Endless Summer. Later, Naozumi and Sana do show up at Yuko's place, but Naozumi doesn't seem to be there to comfort her. "The woman who deserted me twice is now down and out!" he says. "It's great!" Yuko replies that, being her son, he is fated to fail just like she did. Naozumi challenges her to come to the show and see for herself if he messes up or not. Later, he admits to Sana that he likes the honest Yuko better than the one that was pretending to love him. That night, Sana has a bad dream of Yuko's prediction coming true. Yuko wakes Rick and says she's decided she wants to leave town after all. At the premiere, Sana and Naozumi are awed by the stage size. As their part approaches, Sana mentions her dream--and Naozumi suddenly finds himself paralysed by fear...
Somehow, difficult problems seem to be solved a little too easily in this New York story arc. Though it's still a fun series, I think KnO was at it's best back at the beginning. So, will Brad be spotlighted for the remaining episode in America?

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