Kodomo no Omocha - 75: Daughter, Where in Manhattan Are You?

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:75: Daughter, Where in Manhattan Are You?
As Sicil listens in from hiding, Sana confronts Yuko and says she needs to talk to her "woman to woman". She accuses Yuko of exploiting Naozumi for her own selfish purposes, to become a successful actress. Yuko, however, readily admits it's true and argues that she's entitled to use her son as she sees fit. Sana is shocked, and the best she can do is to ask Yuko to at least pretend to be a loving mother, so that Naozumi doesn't get hurt. After Sana leaves Yuko tells Naozumi that she was just insisting that he must resume rehearsals. He takes his mother's side, saying that he's no longer certain he wants to be in Gary's musical--but Yuko orders him to do so. Sana runs into Brad, who had hoped that the missing Sicil was with her. Sicil's relationship to Naozumi was the one thing he most wanted to keep secret, and as everyone gets together it becomes clear that she's now aware of it. He insists they search for her rather than angrily blame each other for what has happened. Sana goes with Brad while Naozumi goes with Gary. Brad fears that Sicil might even attempt suicide, and Gary gets a call from his friend the Chief of Police about a girl who's threatening to jump from the roof of a theater--the theater where Sicil was injured and became unable to dance for her parents...
A lot happens in 23-odd minutes. Judging from the preview, I don't think Sana and Naozumi are going to appear in "Endless Summer" after all. Exactly why Gary invited Naozumi to New York is still unclear--they've hardly spoken a word to each other. Also, yet another new ED sequence appears with this episode--the third one in the series, I think.

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