Kodomo no Omocha - 74: Mother's Conspiracy

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:74: Mother's Conspiracy
Sana visits Naozumi at Yuko's place while she is away. He tells her that in the past part of him "didn't want to know my past and also didn't want others to know", while another part of him tended to feel lonely and "couldn't help wondering what sort of people my parents were". The doorbell rings and he goes to let Yuko in--but it's Gary Hamilton at the door. When Gary learns that Yuko isn't there, he merely tells Naozumi that he admires his talents and urges him to do his best in the show, then leaves. Neither Gary nor Naozumi mention their father-son relationship. Yuko arrives just in time to see Gary leave, and rushes upstairs to frantically ask Naozumi what Gary said to him. She begs him not to leave her, and he says he won't. Later, she goes to Gary's office and makes some startling demands. Sana runs into Rick outside of Yuko's place, chases him down, and is finally told how Yuko is exploiting Naozumi--and is asked to help...
So that's what Yuko was after! I thought maybe she was going to file some sort of lawsuit to regain custody of Naozumi and keep him from returning to Japan. The KnO crew have taken great pains to incorporate Sana and Naozumi's improvised dance into every episode possible (even though they didn't actually practice it this time)! Last time, I notice it in the OP sequence.

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