Kodomo no Omocha - 73: Stupid Mother & Daughter in America

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:73: Stupid Mother & Daughter in America
Naozumi is in anguish after learning that Sicil is his younger half sister. "I don't want to know anything anymore" he says, and wanders off in a pouring rain. Sana forces Brad to help her look for him. Brad says he was only protecting his precious Sicil, and though he was only bluffing up 'til now, he could still hurt Sana whenever he pleases. Rei gets a phone call from Naozumi's mother, Yuko, who says he's in bed at her place after getting soaked in the rain. He relays the message to Sana, who asks him not to tell Sicil about it. Naozumi wakes up and talks with Yuko, and learns that she is an actress. He asks if Gary Hamilton is his father. Sicil, who has run away from home, now feels that the missing Naozumi is avoiding her--"Everyone seems to hate me" she says. Sana is annoyed by her crybaby attitude, until she reveals something Michelle once said...
I still don't understand why Naozumi found learning that Sicil was his sister to be so painful--as she mentioned herself, they had never spent much time together. Whose side is "Rick" (the guy who told Naozumi he "knew his secret") on? What's Yuko up to?

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