Kodomo no Omocha - 72: I Knew Too Much! My Secret

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:72: I Knew Too Much! My Secret
Sicil is at Sana and Naozumi's apartment when Michelle pulls up in her fancy car and begins demanding she come out--with a loudspeaker. Sicil refuses to leave, since she feels Michelle hates her for being unable to dance--and "For the Hamiltons, dancing is everything!". During her "stage debut" at age 7, she fell from the stage and was hurt. Sana asks Rei to go ask Michelle if Sicil can stay for awhile, but Michelle won't hear of it. Fortunately Gary arrives and gives his permission (and warns Rei what will happen to him if anything happens to Sicil). Michelle is angry at Gary and makes the remark "Who is more important to you--Sicil or the other kid?". When things calm down Sana proposes a welcome party for Sicil, who is delighted just to visit a supermarket for supplies. Naozumi excuses himself to go visit his newly discovered mother. He admits to her that when they first met he got the feeling that she was indeed his mother. He also says that previously he never thought much about his parents, but now feels "a little confused". Though he's glad to have met her, he says he wants to continue living alone in Japan--not what she wanted to hear. Later, Brad confronts Sana and Naozumi, and warns them to go home to Japan--or Sicil will get hurt--and provides a shocking explanation why...
"Sicil" is indeed the original spelling of the name, since that's the one used in the illustration of the principal characters at the start of the episode. It's unclear whether she is unable to dance due to a physical injury or a phobia resulting from her accident. The woman who may or may not be Naozumi's mother is clearly up to something. The way Naozumi reacted to Brad's shocking revelation came as a surprise to me, let's just say because the last few episodes never gave me any impression that he felt particularly attached to Sicil.

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