Kodomo no Omocha - 71: It Was a Suddenly Appearing Mother

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:71: It Was a Suddenly Appearing Mother
Brad has led Sana and Naozumi into an ambush by his punks, and is holding Naozumi in a precarious position at the edge of the roof. Just then someone grabs Brad and hurls him aside--it was Gary Hamilton himself! Gary demands to know why Brad attacked Naozumi; Brad says it was to keep him away from Sicil. Gary warns Brad to leave Naozumi and Sana alone, "or you'll be considered as having gone mad, too". Back at the hotel Naozumi meets a woman who claims to be his mother. She says she gave him up because she was desperately poor, and hoped to recover him someday, but fell ill after coming to America. Naozumi cuts the meeting short, but not before she gives him her phone number and address. Along with Sana he goes to inspect an apartment Rei has found. There they meet Bernadette ("Bernie") a curious person who has taken a liking to Rei after telling him about the vacant apartment. Meanwhile, Michelle is troubled by her inability to understand Sicil. Outside the mansion, Sicil overhears Brad's punks reporting Naozumi's new address...
So, who is Naozumi's father? My guess is Gary Hamilton--he's the one who summoned him to New York, after all, and his daughter, Sicil, has the same colored eyes as Naozumi.

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