Kodomo no Omocha - 68: Experiencing the Mysteries of Life

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:68: Experiencing the Mysteries of Life
Sana is certain the intruder in her room was a ghost. The maid, Ramsey, seems about to offer an explanation when Michelle Hamilton tells her to keep quiet. Rei learns that Gary Hamilton is in fact in Hollywood, and catches a flight to California. First, however, he checks up on Maeda, who seems to be suffering from nothing more than the effects of exotic American food. Sana and Naozumi are driven to their first class by the grotesque and gigantic chauffeur. At the studio they learn that Michelle is in fact the technical director of Gary's plays. Naozumi feels she is intentionally ridiculing them, but Sana insists on demonstrating her dance skills until she slips and falls on oil someone has poured on the floor. At the doctor's office Brad shows up and declares himself Sana's bodyguard--and repeats his warning that "you two have been targeted" by people who don't want their acting roles "taken or replaced"...
Brad doesn't seem to be the Hamilton's son, based on the way he describes Michelle, yet he hangs around their place a lot. The mysterious blond girl (Sana's "ghost") seems to have taken a liking to Naozumi!

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