Kodomo no Omocha - 64: Somewhere There Lies the Truth

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:64: Somewhere There Lies the Truth
Sana is shocked to learn that everyone believed the magazine stories about her dating Naozumi--the fact that she told Ishida the same thing to make him go away didn't help. This was why Hayama and Fuka didn't see anything wrong with dating themselves. Sana runs off in tears--"Even my mind is all messed up!". After trying to catch up to her (and getting slapped for his trouble) Hayama returns to the burger shop where Tsuyoshi, Aya and Fuka are waiting. "I find her even harder to understand than I did before" he comments. Fuka feels guilty for believing the rumors, since she of all people ought to know how harmful rumors can be. She asks Hayama what he will do now that he knows Sana and Naozumi weren't really dating. He says nothing has changed, and she concludes she'll have to trust him, since she really does like him. Later, Sana walks into the house to find Naozumi on TV giving a live interview. To her horror, he says he was "totally rejected" by her, but knows she likes somebody else, whose identity he hints at...
Sana trying to keep her feelings secret, and being the last one to realize obvious things are common themes. I think the series handled the changeover from Sana-away-filming-a-movie to Sana-back-among-her-friends well.

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