Kodomo no Omocha - 60: Love Awakened After Loss

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:60: Love Awakened After Loss
Unknown to Sana, who is far away filming her movie, Fuka has asked Hayama to be her real boyfriend! The director is unhappy with the line in which Sana (who is playing a ghost) tells Naozumi she loves him, and asks her to compose a new one. Hayama comes home and ignores his sister who is watching yet another interview with both Sana and Naozumi. Sana has been writing a letter to Hayama, and adds a postscript which admits that there have been problems. Asako gets hold of the director's special cell phone, which works in the mountains, and lets Sana borrow it to call Hayama. Afterwards, the stage crew comments that she really does look like a ghost...
Towards the end of this episode, the quality of my VHS tape went to hell in a handbag, and I could only read around half of the subtitles. I can't be certain exactly what Sana and Hayama said on the phone, but I can see the effect it had.

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