Kodomo no Omocha - 59: Working Hard Recovering From an Injury

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:59: Working Hard Recovering From an Injury
Sana gets beaten up by the three local girls who worship Naozumi. He comes racing to her rescue, becoming enraged like never before, and scaring the girls off. Sana has a seriously injured leg. The word is that this could be disastrous for the movie, but the director feels "the mood has improved". Rei says Sana should quit, but she insists on continuing. Naozumi is devastated that fans of his were responsible, and considers quitting himself, but Sana insists that he, too, must continue acting. She sees carrying on as the best way to get back at her assailants. The three girls are both angry that she won't give up and afraid that the police will be called in. Zenjirou comes to interview Sana and Naozumi, and Hayama watches them on TV as his sister teases him about how good they look together. Back at school a magazine appears containing racy pictures of the two, and Ishida reveals a scandalous comment Sana made to him before leaving. Fuka, meanwhile, has her eyes on a "real boyfriend"...

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