Kodomo no Omocha - 57: Pretend to be Boyfriend for Sushi

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:57: Pretend to be Boyfriend for Sushi
Some of Fuka's old friends from Osaka are coming to visit, including Takaishi-kun, who she had hoped would be her boyfriend until word got around that she had already kissed someone (Hayama). Takaishi has a new girlfriend, Shizu-chan, and Fuka wants to "save face" by seeming to have a cool boyfriend herself. She asks Hayama to play the part, and though he is not interested at first, he does an abrupt about-face when she promises him all the sushi he can eat at her uncle's resteraunt. Tsuyoshi suggests he may have actually agreed because Fuka and Sana look and act a lot alike. Hayama duly goes with Fuka to meet her friends, and notices something suspicious about Takaishi and Shizu--is their relationship also a fake?
A neat episode, which is both funny and fleshes out several characters--Fuka is still relatively undeveloped. Sana, who is away filming her movie, plays almost no part in this episode--almost, that is...

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