Kodomo no Omocha - 55: Actress Goes to the Mountains to Shoot a Movie

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:55: Actress Goes to the Mountains to Shoot a Movie
At a press conference about the movie that Sana will appear in, reporters continually harp on rumors that she and Naozumi are dating. Filming the movie will take Sana to a remote region for at least two months, and she may miss enough school to be held back. Tsuyoshi urges Hayama to tell her how he feels about her before she leaves, but he only seems interested in his karate training. In contrast, the "bushy eye-browed classmate" (Ishida) declares his love for Sana and asks her to go out with him. Of course he'll leave her alone if the rumors about her and Naozumi are true...
The point is made that Sana is no longer working as a child actress because of a promise she once made to her mother (and which no longer applies). What will happen as she spends several months apart from all potential boyfriends except Naozumi? By the way, Zenjirou puts on what has got to be his most hilariously absurd costume yet in this episode!

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