Kodomo no Omocha - 53: The First Kiss Ruined My Life

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:53: The First Kiss Ruined My Life
Matsui Fuka, a new friend Sana has made at middle school, slaps Hayama for "stealing her first kiss" back when they were both in Kindergarten. Recently she had a boyfriend who apparently broke up with her because the story got out. After awhile Hayama remembers the incident, but considers it unimportant. Fuka is infuriated and vows revenge upon him now that they are at the same school. Later, Hayama tries to tell Sana that the kiss between himself and Fuka was different from the one between the two of them last year...
I've skipped around ten episodes of KnO because they had crappy "Chinglish" subtitles and in some the audio was completely out of sync with the video (you'd hear somebody else's voice while one person's mouth was moving!). I tried watching them completely muted, but finally decided "the hell with it". Now that I'm back, I wondered why Hayama was wearing such a fancy outfit--now I get it, it's his middle school uniform!

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