Kodomo no Omocha - 5: Problem-child Hayama, Where Are You Going?

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:5: Problem-child Hayama, Where Are You Going?
When Sana offers to help Hayama resolve his family problems, he replies that the only thing she can do for him would be to kill him. "You and I are too different", he says. "You think you are always right, don't you? But don't give me that crap!". Sana worries that Hayama may be planning to kill himself. When she stops by to give Hayama's sister, Natsumi, Zenjirou's autograph, she overhears yet more bitter arguing. Natsumi shouts "You killed Mom!" at Akito. Later, it occurs to Sana that a TV movie she will soon appear in is about a family with an uncanny simularity to the Hayama family, and she gets an idea...
Considering this series seems to sport typical low-budget TV animation, I was surprised to see the neat way colors changed in a scene in which the lights were turned on and off. It seems that in most anime when lights are switched off the colors of the characters themselves remain unchanged while only the backgrounds get darker.

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