Kodomo no Omocha - 40: Someday, Suddenly, Became Ones Homeless

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:40: Someday, Suddenly, Became Ones Homeless
Sana finds strange men putting red labels on every item in the house. Misako explains (via a hilarious song) that she backed a bad loan and the family has gone bankrupt! Sana, Misako, Rei and Mrs. Zichon (the maid) find themselves out in the rain. Ondo puts them up in his apartment, which is generally empty since he's continually at the Kurata household begging for manuscripts. As if the problems weren't enough, for some reason Sana seems to be losing all her jobs as a child actress...
I know the title doesn't make much sense, because although most of the KnO episodes on my VHS tape were skillfully translated, this one seems to have been done in Hong Kong. "Hayama", for example, is spelled "Hapima" here (WTF?). One other thing--the series seems to have taken on a new ED sequence here (I liked the old one better!).

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