Kodomo no Omocha - 4: The Lone Wolf: Whooo...

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:4: The Lone Wolf: Whooo...
Hayama turns over to Sana the photo he had been using to blackmail the teachers. Furthermore, she makes him apologize to the girls of the class, especially Mami-chan. But a day or two later the classroom is in chaos again. Gomi-kun has taken over as the new "monkey boss" of the male students, leading to a fight between him and Hayama. Sana starts to feel sorry for Hayama, who always seems to be alone now. While watching his house in disguise she runs into his sister, who turns out to be a big fan of her show, and especially Zenjirou. Still, she's appalled at the ill-will between the two siblings. Back at school, when Tsuyoshi inadvertantly calls Mitsuya-sensei "mom", he's laughed at, causing him to totally freak out. Hayama says this happens regularly once a year, and takes offense at the other boys implying that Tsuyoshi loves his mother too much. Sana is both surprised and impressed to see Hayama's kind side--but she thought he didn't have a mother...?

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