Kodomo no Omocha - 37: A Kiss! Fight Between Karate and Trumpet

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:37: A Kiss! Fight Between Karate and Trumpet
Tarantaaru is a well known American director who'll be in charge of shooting a new "Heel-Ban" commercial featuring Sana and Naozumi. Naozumi asks Sana to spend Christmas Eve with him, but she's already committed to throwing a party marking the halfway point between her Birthday and Hayama's. Naozumi comes across Hayama and asks him if he is going out with Sana. When Hayama replies "not really", Naozumi declares that he intends to "make his confession" to Sana soon. They argue over which of their skills would impress Sana more: Karate or playing the trumpet. Naozumi boasts that he'll be kissing Sana soon...
I hope this episode marks the beginning of an intriguing new story arc involving the triangle of Sana, Hayama, and Naozumi.

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