Kodomo no Omocha - 30: My Boyfriend is Clenched Out of Pride!

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:30: My Boyfriend is Clenched Out of Pride!
Something distracts Rei, leading to a minor accident while he drives Sana to school. Once there, Sana's friends show her a magazine article which suggests that Rei's longtime girlfriend Kurumi Asako has a new boyfriend, the hearthrob Takuya Kimushi (aka "Kim-Kim"). Sana refuses to believe the rumors and urges Rei to publicly declare himself to be Asako's boyfriend, but he admits he hasn't seen her for awhile and they have an understanding that their relationship will be kept secret until she's a "respectible actress" and he's a "respectible manager". Rei is unnerved to find "Kim-Kim" to be "handsome, nice, and funny". Despite Hayama's recommendation that they not get involved, Sana likes Tsuyoshi's suggestion that they conduct an "investigation" to see if there really is anything going on between Asako and Kimushi...
While watching this episode I noticed that whereas all too many anime comedy series only leave me smiling, in this case I was actively laughing numerous times. Amusing features included Misako's programmes to retrain Rei as a driver and to teach him how to deal with the possibility that the rumors about Asako may be true.

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