Kodomo no Omocha - 28: Romantic Hayama-daddy's Song!

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:28: Romantic Hayama-daddy's Song!
Sana learns that Akito's birthday is tommorrow, but since his mother died while giving birth to him, he never has a party and instead visits her grave each year on this date. This time, Akito asks Sana and Tsuyoshi to come along. At the cemetary, they notice a young woman who may have just left a bundle of flowers on Mrs. Hayama's grave. When Sana relates the story to Misako (who is working on a romance novel) she suspects Mr. Hayama may have a secret lover. Rei and the maid suggest the man may be thinking of getting remarried. The next day, Sana, Akito and Tsuyoshi spot Mr. Hayama walking with the same woman. Akito isn't interested, but Sana and Tsuyoshi follow the two into a teahouse where they behave suspiciously. Later, Hayama's sister admits she doesn't like the idea of a new mother. Sana proposes a dirty-trick laden plan to get this woman to dislike Mr. Hayama!
Yet again a story moves swiftly from downright hilarious to genuinely touching in short order, as the true nature of Mr. Hayama's meeting with this woman is revealed.

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