Kodomo no Omocha - 13: My Name's Going to Change

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:13: My Name's Going to Change
Akito has grabbed Sana and led her running to Tsuyoshi's house. The reason: Tsuyoshi's parents have divorced! They meet his father, now living alone in the house, but Hayama is angered by the man's indifferent attitude towards his children. Mr. Ohki is likewise enraged, and goes wild. Afterwards, Akito realises why Tsuyoshi would often come to school with strange cuts and bruises. Since they are near the hospital where Mr. Hayama is, they decide to pay him a visit. But they find they are not the only visitor he has! Also concerned about Tsuyoshi is Sana's friend Aya-chan--though Sana cannot for the life of her guess why...
I'm continually amazed at how rapidly the plot moves forward within KnO, yet how smoothly the numerous plotlines interweave with each other. Each episode ends with an intriguing teaser about what will happen in the next one.

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