Kodomo no Omocha - 11: Father, You Were My Father

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:11: Father, You Were My Father
Feeling that he has failed Sana as a "boyfriend", Rei attempts to compensate by being an exceptional manager. He does this by arranging for her to appear in no less than seven commercials. Sana is appalled, especially since her friends complain she hasn't been spending much time with them. Still, Sana hardly breaks a sweat during this acting marathon while Zenjirou is worked halfway to death and drops out. Afterwards Sana insists that Rei pay Asako a visit. Sana assures Asako that she has grown up now, and she and Rei should get together again, then leaves them alone to find her own way home. On the way, she runs into a tired, thin looking Mr. Hayama. A comment he makes about the terms Akito uses to describe the foods he likes makes makes Sana wonder about something he once said to her. Later, Sana gets a phone call from Akito--his Father has collapsed during dinner, coughing up blood...
I find it hard to watch more than one episode of KnO per day, in spite of--or perhaps because of--it being extremely funny and often emotionally moving. The light-speed dialogue, and need to continually pause the DVD to read subtitles, are a drain. This show is, after all, supposed to have caused seizures among it's viewers!

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