Kodomo no Omocha - 102: Final Episode

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:102: Final Episode
Hayama remembers a comment Nakao made about erasers being stored in the room which he suggested as the Karate Club meeting place, and he and Sana run there. The door is jammed, but they manage to cram their heads through a narrow window. A despondent Nakao is indeed inside, mumbling about how he is a "useless human" who has never helped anyone and who no one cares about. Sana and Hayama try to reason with him, but he says they cannot understand him since they are so "cool". Sana imsists that Hayama is anything but cool, and admits she has problems as well. To make matters worse, Sana and Hayama find themselves stuck in the window, and a nail is piercing Hayama's head. Now no less than three students are missing, and Sengoku-sensei argues that this proves Hayama and Sana were to blame for Nakao disappearing as well. It rains, then snows, and night falls. Nakao is finally persuaded to try to free Sana and Hayama, but collapses. Fuka, Aya and Rei come looking for Sana and Hayama, and finally Suzuki-sensei makes the connection with the erasers. The three missing students are rescued. At the hospital, Sengoku tells both Nakao's parents and Mr. Hayama that Akito will expelled as a result of this incident. Sana goes to see Hayama, and wonders why Nakao concluded he had no meaning in life. Hayama says that he was just like Nakao when he and Sana first met, but whereas she turned him around, Nakao had no one to do the same. Nakao finally regains consciousness, and his mother tells Sana and Hayama he would like to talk to them. Meanwhile, Fuka finds the missing second page of the note Nakao wrote to Sengoku...
Just my luck--crappy subtitles in this final episode! Nevertheless, KnO ends with just the right mix of romance and comedy, as the question of "what lies ahead for Sana and Hayama?" is addressed--you'll see what I mean. Don't miss a set of comic fake previews (after the credits) which give tantalizing hints at what might lie ahead for the cast in general.

OMG--I actually made it all the way to the end! Maybe I'll start rewatching "Maison Ikkoku", which I gave up when I found I was missing a major block of episodes. Long anime series hate me... No, that's not exactly accurate--it's more that the more episodes there are, the greater the chances that some will slip through your fingers!

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