Kodomo no Omocha - 101: Three Disappeared Together

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:101: Three Disappeared Together
After Nakao's mother comes to school looking for her missing son, and mentions that he had joined the Karate Club, Sengoku-sensei concludes that Hayama is somehow to blame. Later, Sengoku finds a note from Nakao, explaining what has happened. The note has two pages, and something on page two startles him (we're not told what it was). Sengoku shows only the first page, which incriminates Hayama, to the principal. Hayama realizes Nakao didn't want to quit the club after all, and it was a mistake to tell him he was "not fit for karate". Rumors spread, and Hayama and Sana are looked upon as "criminals". Sana wonders if maybe she shouldn't have suggested the club be formed in the first place, and Hayama laments that "If you get involved with me then nothing good will happen to you". Sengoku taunts them, saying that wherever he is, Nakao is probably happy now, and declaring to Hayama that "you have no meaning in life". Suddenly, a thought occurs to Hayama about just where Nakao might be...
I thought it was a neat touch that when rumors were spreading about Hayama and Sana, the ones who stood up for them were their old classmates from elementary school, (plus Fuka)--it sort of suggests how much they've all grown and matured over the course of the series. There wasn't the usual station break in this episode, perhaps because of how serious things have gotten as we near the conclusion of the series as a whole.

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