Kodomo no Omocha - 100: The Blackboard Erasers Disappeared

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:100: The Blackboard Erasers Disappeared
Nakao has always been a weak, sickly boy whose only source of pride is the fact that he has never missed a day of school. He was thrilled to be asked to join the Karate Club, but Hayama's harsh program of exercises on the first day leave him so totally exhausted that he cannot even stagger back to school the next day. He is heartbroken over his perfect attendance record being spoiled, and fears what either Hayama or Sengoku (both of whom he admires) will have to say about the matter. But when he does return, Hayama tells him he's not fit for karate, and Sengoku doesn't even recognize him as a member of his class! Nakao is devastated, and asks himself "I wonder who I am?". Sana asks what happened to him, and Hayama says he thinks he skipped a meeting because he had decided he didn't want to be a member, but was afraid to come right out and say it. Sana suspects Hayama trained him too hard right from the start, and since the club needs every member it can get, urges him to give Nakao another chance. For some reason, there's a sudden shortage of blackboard erasers at school. Nakao's mother comes to school--he never came home yesterday...
With only two episodes to go, I'm surprised that a new subplot is being launched about a character that was only introduced in the last episode; I was expecting the series to focus on the question of whether Sana and Hayama have really fallen in love for each other. Nakao's troubles kind of remind me of Hayama himself back in the early days of KnO.

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