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.hack Rent See .hack//SIGN

Rent It's the near future, and there is only one video game, called "The World." In the virtual reality of "The World", all sorts of people play. However, once a character named Tsukasa is unable to log out, and weird events start happening, "The World" starts to seem much more mysterious than anyone ever thought.
Hack Sign Rent See .hack//SIGN

Hikaru no Go
Rent One of the greatest Go players in history, Fujiwarano Sai, has been trapped inside a goban (a traditional Go board) for hundreds of years. A young boy, Shindo Hikaru, has the power to free Sai, and by doing so, opens a spot in his mind for Sai to stay. As Sai is a spirit (or ghost) visible only to Hikaru, they find themselves strangely bound together. With very little in common, Sai urges him to attend various Go clubs to permit them to play against strong opponents and begins to teach Hikaru how to play Go. And slowly Hikaru becomes drawn into the strange world of competitive Go. Hikaru accepts Touya Akira as a rival and sets his goals on becoming good enough to defeat him, while Sai wishes only to attain skills for the ultimate Go-play, a move called "The Hand of God."
Lain Rent See Serial Experiments Lain

Buy Noir. It is the name of an ancient fate. Two maidens who reign over death. The peace of the newly born their black hands protect.
SEL Rent See Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain
Rent Lain Iwakura thought she was an ordinary 13-year old junior high school student until the day she received an e-mail from a classmate who committed suicide a week earlier. The e-mail claims that her classmate’s soul had become a part of the wired world. Interested in the contents of the e-mail, Lain gets herself a new Navi (personal computer) so she can research for details regarding the e-mail’s significance. As Lain becomes more involved in the activity of the wired world, she finds herself becoming increasingly well known by online users despite not having been in the wired world for too long.
ノワール Buy See Noir
ヒカルの碁 Rent See Hikaru no Go

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