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Fruits Basket

Tooru Honda is a 16-year old girl living in a tent in the nearby mountain woods. Her father died when she was very young and her mother had just recently died in a car accident. Not wanting to put her grandfather (on her father's side) out while his house is being renovated, she told him she would stay with friends so no one knows she's living in a tent. In the meantime, she goes to school and works her part-time job on a cleaning crew so that she can pay her high school tuition (in Japan, high school is like college in the US).

Furuba Buy See Fruits Basket
Furuutsu Basuketo Buy See Fruits Basket
Heaven and Earth Rent See Tenjou Tenge

Kemono Zume
Rent The woman who he loves is one of the terrifying monsters that feed off of humans. The man she loves is one of the monster hunters, dedicated to exterminating all monsters. But their attraction and feelings can not be denied and the dice of fate begin to roll.
Kemonodume Rent See Kemono Zume
Kemonodzume Rent See Kemono Zume
Kemonozume (fansub title) Rent See Kemono Zume

Rent 16-year-old Shinkuro Kurenai is a Mediator - a specialist in settling squabbles between people. Despite his youth and easygoing nature, he is a man of some skills when it comes to protecting both his clients and their interests. And then one day, he is approached by some friends of the daughter of a rich and powerful family who ask him to be her bodyguard. Shinkuro ends up living with, looking after and troubled by a seven-year-old client.
Kurenai Rent See Kure-nai
Tenjho Tenge Rent See Tenjou Tenge
Tenjo Tenge Rent See Tenjou Tenge

Tenjou Tenge
Rent Nagi Souichirou and best friend, Bob, are both tough street fighters, but when they transfer to a new high school, they get their a**es kicked by the local gangs. They find out that their new high school is dedicated to refounding the martial arts, and combat ability is rated higher than academic skills. And what is with the cute Natsume Aya, who has decided to become his girlfriend (without even bothering to ask him)? But Souichirou is a glutton for punishment, with a fighting spirit that cannot be kept down for long.
ケモノヅメ Rent See Kemono Zume
フルーツ バスケト Buy See Fruits Basket
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