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Innocent Venus
Buy AD 2010, Hyper Hurricanes born concurrently all over the world bring severer damage to the world. 5 billion people lose their lives, and the population decreases from 9 billion to 3 billion, and they lose economy and military balances. North America, Russia, and North Europe are frozen, the plains sink into the sea, the world map changes dramatically, and they enter into chaotic era.

Kaze no Stigma
Rent Ayano is the heir to the house of Kannagi, a house with ties to the spirit of fire whose members are all fire users. All except for her cousin, Kazuma. After he was defeated by Ayano, his father banish him from the house in disgrace. Kazuma runs off and changes his surname to Yagami. He forms a contract with the spirit of wind and becomes a powerful wind user. 4 years later, he returns.
Stigma of Wind Rent See Kaze no Stigma
風のスティグマ (Japanese) Rent See Kaze no Stigma

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