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What my ratings mean :
10 Rare Masterpiece of True Ultimate Perfection
9 Excellent, should be in anyone's collection
8 Very good, don't miss it
7 Good, worth seeing
6 Not bad, but could be better
5 So so, nothing special
4 Not really good, but not a complete waste either
3 Weak, I wish I'd done something better with my time
2 Bad, really not recommended
1 Awful, avoid at all costs
0 Worst ever, useful as sadistic instrument of torture
Action(1) Comedy(1) Drama(3) Mystery(1)
Modern(1) Sci-Fi(1)
Acquired Taste(1) Classic(1) Dark(2)
Gun-action(1) Mecha(1) Police(1) Violent(1)
Movie(2) OVA(1)
Release Year
1998(2) 1989(1) 1988(1)
Title Rating Synopsis
Gunbuster Buy See Top wo Nerae!
Gunbuster: Aim For The Top! Buy See Top wo Nerae!
Jin Roh Buy See Jin-Roh

Buy In an alternate world, around 1960, Japan suffers serious civil disorder. The Capital Police with their deadly Panzer Cops are the solution but few like them, even among the police. Conspiracies are brewing and at their center is Fuse, the lone wolf.
Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade Buy See Jin-Roh

Perfect Blue
Rent Pop singer Mima Kirigoe looks forward to a bright new career when she quits her chart-topping trio to become an actress. When she lands a role in a sexually-charged murder mystery, Mima`s life begins to fall apart. Reality and hallucination merge into a terrifying world where innocense is lost and dreams become nightmares.

Top wo Nerae!
Buy Enthusiastic but inept, Noriko is chosen to join the crew of the starship Exelion to fight the aliens who killed her father. Friendship and love clash with the realities of war and lightspeed travel.
Wolf Brigade, The Buy See Jin-Roh
パーフエクト ブルー (Japanese) Rent See Perfect Blue
人狼 Buy See Jin-Roh

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