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I express my mind and thoughts and think over them very carefully before putting them in. I generally will have watched a series all the way through before reviewing it. Those numeric things? Gaawd they need a meaning like grahpics, sound and things. Is it just randomly changing your opinion every few seconds?
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Chica Marioneta J (in Spanish) Buy See Saber Marionette J

Love Hina Again
Rent Attending Tokyo University together as they promised each other... now that Keitaro and Naru have finally made their dream come true, what is going to happen next? Another Naru punch, of course - only this time 'indestructable' Keitarou is injured severely! With a broken leg he can't attend classes for weeks, and as he's missing the first term anyway, a new dream evolves in his head: Travelling the world together with Seta-san!
Love Hina OVA Rent See Love Hina Again

Saber Marionette J
Buy 300 years ago, a group terraformers traveling on the Earth spaceship "Mesopotamia" had a problem and were forced to crash on a barren planet. Only seven survive, all male. Bummer! Over the next 300 years the survivors managed to procreate through cloning and build 7 city-states, though they cannot clone females. Thus, in an homage to the human female, they build humanoid labor units called marionettes.
セイバーマリオネットJ Buy See Saber Marionette J
ラブひな Again Rent See Love Hina Again

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