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Buy The story of a man tormented by hate, fueled by anger, and bound by destiny. A young swordsman by the name of Gutts lives as a mercenary until the fateful day when he encounters the Band of the Hawk, an up-and-coming mercenary band led a charismatic leader named Griffith. After being defeated by Griffith in a duel, Gutts agrees to join the band and help Griffith achieve his goal of one day ruling his own kingdom. What unfolds is the story of what turned Gutts into the hateful angry swordsman that he is and of a destiny that he refuses to accept.
D.N.A.^2 Rent See Dokokade Nakushita Aitsu No Aitsu
DNA Squared Rent See Dokokade Nakushita Aitsu No Aitsu
DNA2 Rent See Dokokade Nakushita Aitsu No Aitsu
DNA² Rent See Dokokade Nakushita Aitsu No Aitsu

Dokokade Nakushita Aitsu No Aitsu
Rent In the future the biggest problem is over population. Most of this problem can be traced back to one man. An operative has been sent back in time to stop this. The man had 100 children all of whom had 100 children and so on... the plan is to change his DNA (to make him incapable of doing this), but nothing is ever that simple... The boy who will be the "megaplayboy" is Momonari Junta, who throws up whenever he gets ecchi thoughts. Karin, the operative, accidentally changes him into the "megaplayboy" (thus causing the very problem she was sent to solve), now she has to try to correct her mistake.
Kenpuu Denki Berserk Buy See Berserk
剣風伝奇ベルセルク Buy See Berserk
D・N・A² ~何処かで失くしたあいつのアイツ~ Rent See Dokokade Nakushita Aitsu No Aitsu

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