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Bungo Stray Dogs
Unevaluated Homeless and starving Atsushi Nakajima saves a strange man from drowning himself in a river, and finds him to be a member of the Arms Detective Company. In urban legends this is said to be a secret organization which employs people with supernatural abilities to deal with problems which are beyond the capabilities of the police or military. He also finds that he has a remarkable capability of his own, and is promptly recruited by the ADA.

Unevaluated Nanba Prison, built on an artificial island somewhere at sea, is far and away the world's most secure jail. However, four prisoners, Rock, Nico, Uno and Yougo, are unparalleled escape artists. Fortunately, they are also pretty much idiots. Their subdivision of the prison, block 13, is supervised by warden Hajime Sugoroku, who struggles to keep the four in check.
The Numbers Unevaluated See Nanbaka
ナンバカ Unevaluated See Nanbaka
文豪ストレイドッグス Unevaluated See Bungo Stray Dogs

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